KSTP Good Company September 17, 1991 Married with Children Episode with Ed O’Neil, Peg Bundy Look-A-Like Contest

KSTP February 9, 1991, 10pm

KARE Between Friends February 8, 1991; Raymond Burr, Ken Barlow and m

KMSP January 30, 1991 Prime Time News (Part)

KARE-TV May 22, 1991 5pm President Bush in Minnesota

Target 1991 Christmas Commercial Ginger and Spice with Betty White!

WCCO-TV 10pm, June 13th 1991 with Bud Kraehling’s weather

KARE-TV February 9, 1991, 10pm

KMSP January 29, 1991 Prime Time News

WCCO-TV Moore on Sunday Pilot, 1991

Jack Morris on Late Night with David Letterman October 30, 1991

KSTP Profile on Charlie Bush, 1991

KSTP October 31, 1991; 5pm Halloween Blizzard Night

KSTP, WCCO, KARE Coverage of Halloween Blizzard Day after November 1, 1991 5pm and 6pm

WCCO-TV Noon Report November 1, 1991 Halloween Blizzard!

WCCO-TV Coverage of 1991 Halloween Blizzard, first morning update with Paul Huttner, November 1, 1991