WCCO-TV Report on Princess Grace at the Guthrie Theatre reported by Mike Walcher, 1978

Donahue from the Twin Cities, Dr. Eleanor Hamilton, September 25, 1978

WCCO-TV Midday and coverage of Hubert Humphrey’s funeral January 16, 1978

Robb Leer’s audition for KSTP 1978

Moore, Moore, and Cronkite Commercial #1

Moore, Moore, and Cronkite Commercial #2

KQRS 92 FM Commercial from 1978 The Superstar Cruiser

Moore on Sunday: The Enchanted Forest Ensemble performs “In Expotition to the North Pole Opus No. 8” WCCO-TV December 8, 1978

Minnesota Twins TV Promotions from 1978 and 1979

WCCO-TV 10pm Report Open October 15th 1978

KMSP 10pm News teaser, Al Quie, and Tommy Kramer from 1978

Barry ZeVan for Pontiac in 1978

KMSP in 1978: End credits of Taxi, KMSP News Update, Commercials, and Starsky and Hutch

WCCO-TV Documentary “Faith, Hope, and Parity” by Tom Hendrick, 1978 Full Version

KSTP’s “Bowling for Dollars” with Johnny Canton 1978