WCCO-TV “Thursday in Tracy” Tracy Tornado Special, June 17, 1968

WCCO-TV The Scene Tonight January 17, 1968 Dave Moore, Skip Loescher, Bud Kraehling, Hal Scott

KSTP-TV: Dr Walt Lyons selected forecasts 1976-1977

WTCN Mel Jass Commercial

KSTP: Pilot for Old Time Jamobree hosted by Roy Finden 1968

KARE-TV North Stars Ownership change coverage 1990, Tom Ryther

KARE News11 at 10 Birth of “Walter” Paul Douglas’ first child December 1987

Exclusive interview with WCCO’s Bud Kraehling

KMSP’s Ernie Martz with the weather 1979

Sharing the Arena, story on University of Minnesota Women’s Sports reported by Mark Rosen, WCCO-TV 1977

Behind the Scenes at WTCN