Paul Douglas of WTCN (now KARE) interviewed on religious talk show “Rejoice”. Paul talks about weather forecasting, technology, and faith in this segment that originally aired on WFBT-TV 29 (now WFTC) in February 1984.
Note on the fuzzy picture – this was taped off the air before the era of cable, channel 29 a UHF station had a much weaker picture than we would expect today. Many of us can remember having to adjust our set antennas to get a decent picture to watch Batman and cartoons.
Credit: Paul Douglas


JC: I remember when this station first went on the air, and apparently many people in the area still didn’t know how to tune in a UHF station (despite KTCI being on the air for a while by then). I seem to remember them running ads on the radio explaining how to tune them in with the manual tuners. They were also selling simple UHF loop antennas at Tom Thumb for a while, for people who didn’t have one already.




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