McDonaldland’s residents Ronald, Grimace, Mayor McCheese, The Professor, Captain Crook, Big Mac, and the Hamburgler sing and dance on the gift of McDonalds through 50 cent gift certificates.See for more commentary and discussion.


dellise marshall: I love this commercial sooooooo much because when it aired I had just lost my grandfather. My twin & I was sad all day. But when we caught sight of this commercial it made us smile because we was only ten at the time and with the children’s happy voices & dancing around in that commercial brought us joy. For some reason we just connected with sounds of children singing where our sadness turn into joy and we overcame our grief with that McDonald’s Christmas Commercial. So thank you for showing this vintage commercial. It brought back sweet memories for me I will never forget. 🙂 (DM Of P.F. Ill)




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