KSTP’s live coverage of the 1984 Republican National Convention from Dallas Texas. Stan Turner anchored coverage live from Dallas this hot summer while Minnesota delegates enthusiastically endorsed Ronald Reagan for President. Lindsay Strand and Kevyn Burger also provide reports on Minnesotans in Dallas.


Marv Mitchell: I remember this SO well. It was my old buddy Jim Biagi and me on the roof of the parking lot across from the convention center running the camera and the Newsstar Uplink. It was so unbelievably hot, and Jim and I were SO hung over the first day, from the party the night before, that we thought we were BOTH gonna die. We actually fried an egg on the pavement live on Twin Cities Today.

Marv Mitchell: At the party shown in this video, Jim Biagi and I started working on the worst hangovers of our lives. When we went live the next morning, we could barely move. Thanks to Jim, I SITLL can’t drink gin. I was the hottest, most humid time of my life until I worked in Abu Dhabi. Long hours and tough conditions but we were the pioneers of satellite newsgathering.




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