KSTP-TV Eyewitness News Update from June 28, 1985, full report. Beruit hostages, farm foreclosures, Canteberry Downs, a Jason Davis story on grandfather clocks, plus Dennis Feltgen’s weather and Larry Burnett’s sports.


TCMediaNow: From Dennis Feltgen:
The weathercast showcased what I did a lot during my tenure – the viewer coming away from the weathercast learning something it may not have known before (in this case, ball lightning)/ The weathercast was presented as a story…a beginning, middle and end… i.e: here’s what is going on now, here’s how and why it is going to change, and here is the forecast, along with one of my favorites – Going Out On A Limb.

Loved seeing Larry Burnett again, too. And Sportsreel!




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