Final segment of KSTP-TV Eyewitness News on March 4, 1979 providing the audience information on the upcoming network switch. Hours later KSTP-TV would give up their thirty year affiliation of NBC for ABC. (Then KMSP affiliate ABC would become independent and WTCN (KARE) would get NBC). Credit: Bob Rivard


Jeff Lonto: Strangely enough I actually audio taped this very segment off the TV as it happened, along with other network switch related promos mostly from WTCN. I do remember that graphic well, and noticed then that the KSTP-TV logo used was a little outdated even for that time. That’s circa 1969-70.

W.B.: The way the colors of the “N” logo are seen – the reverse of what should be – is the way two of the slides showing the 1976-79 logo of WKYC-TV in Cleveland were shown on their sign-offs of that period.

DTW4MSP: I Wonder if KSTP reversed the logo on purpose so they could get rid of the network?




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