KSTP-TV’s Eyewitness News at 5 from March 18, 1982. 5pm newscasts were a relatively modern installment in the Twin Cities in the early 1980s. WCCO and KSTP positioned their 5pm broadcasts to be lighter and provide greater depth to human interest stories. This installment focuses on the snowfall of 1982 that was continuing into late March. The Eyewitness News team searches out how people cope with the snow (including Dave Dahl’s tip of smiling when providing a less than ideal forecast). Dr. Michael Breen discuses the psychological effects of cold and snow, and Arthur Ballet gives a very lengthy and theatrical review of the movie “The Amateur”. Stan Turner anchors and Dennis Feltgen provides a forecast in this full report from March 18, 1982 with the original commercials.
From Dennis Feltgen:
The great winter of ’82 kept on keeping on. The computer graphics were done on a Kavouras g-dos system…we called it “the mapper”. The satellite loop came with a graphics tablet, which was new to TV at the time. BTW, in the background of the war room shot is Ron Trenda and John Dooley.
Credit: Stan Turner




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