From the days of KMSP’s ABC affiliation, this clip is the first 15 minutes of a 10pm news broadcast on KMSP-TV Channel 9 from February 1979. To provide some historical context, I left in the end credits of “Soap” which ended right before the news. ABC’s network switch to KSTP was just weeks away, all station branding had been scrubbed of any mention of the ABC television network. Note most of the news coverage in this broadcast are all network packages. One of the few local items is an interesting story on Minneapolis North High School with longtime Twin Cities activist Spike Moss.A good essay on the pre-independent days of KMSP can be found on Jeff Lonto’s site.


CT: Wow, the Minneapolis skyline was awful skimpy in ’79. Just the IDS, that’s all.

W.B.: Heard during the news teaser around the start of this clip was MFSB’s rendition of “K-Jee” (originally released 1975, later featured in the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack). KMSP was not the only station with a last-place newscast to use this piece of music; so did WMAR-TV in Baltimore, MD as of 1976.

iamnomad: Carolyn Tyler, who was seen reporting in the Minneapolis North High School package, now reports for KGO-TV in San Francisco and anchors the Sunday edition of the “ABC 7 Morning News.”

Steve: wow, where did I ever find that suit?!




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