KARE-TV News11 Sunrise from July 31, 1987. This full report was John Bachman’s final Sunrise program, a newscast John anchored from it’s start at channel 11 until he left to anchor the evening news at WHO-TV where he remains to this day. Among the news on storm damage (this took place days after the 1987 super storm), Problems in Minnesota Vets Homes, St. Paul tax hikes, new laws including (paternity leave for fathers, car seats, drunk driving on snowmobiles), Ford Plant accident, Minnesota Twins, Barry ZeVan’s entertainment report, and continued muggy weather is a tribute to John featuring many faces of Channel 11. Amy Powell co-anchors along with meteorologist Sally Patrick and Steve Carroll’s sports.


Josh: Actually, Dale Schornack began anchoring Sunrise before Bachman replaced him. A longer version is Bachman started the 5pm NewsScope show when Magers & Pierce arrived. Schornack then replaced Bachman on that show. When Sunrise started Schornack anchored that show.




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