Jesse Ventura has resurfaced on the national media circuit, however refusing to speak to any Minnesota media. Jesse is not one to give up grudges or blame easily. This hour long news piece nicely done by KSTP-TV and Tom Hauser for “At Issue” aired shortly before Jesse Ventura left office. If anyone longs for the days of a Governor Ventura, watching this may remind you what it was actually like.


Bill Dahn: Thank You Tom, Remember Me “Bill Dahn”…?
You seen that I Really Screwed Politics…!

Jesse Ventura before he lost his talk radio show, Jesse Ventura and Dean Barkley was at Bill Dahn home July 19, 1998 getting Bill Dahn to change from the Reform Party to the Republican Party and Dean Barkley was the camera man in the video taken of Jesse get Dahn to switch political parties and Bribery is against the law.

Watch the link bellow to the video taken by Dean Barkley
….July 19, 1998….
of the “Bribe”…?




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