This is why storms were scarier in the 80s. WCCO’s late weekend programming interupted to announce storm coverage. While today the meteorologits would provide live coverage around the clock, in this era they still went home after the news and left the late breaking weather to the National Weather Service over radio. In this clip Star Search keeps getting bumped by a still weather slide and a radio voice over from the Natioanl Weather Service. For those of us who grew up in this era, it is why storms were much scarier.


Chris: Thanks for posting this! Hard to believe it was 25 years ago, it seems like yesterday. I can still remember the summer of ’87 being really hot with some wild weather, including what was called the “Super Storm”!

Matt: Man, I remember those times! It was even scarier if you lived in a trailer in those days.

We lived in Dakota county at the time and the anticipation of the storms heading in was sometimes worse than the storms themselves! The flashing red on the radars, the lacks of radar, plus the little information on the crawls and cut-in’s made things almost too scary, but somehow we managed to survive.

Those were the days!

Emmanuel : That was still scary even now I still remember the CH.9 bulletins does someone have more clips like these?

Gina: Nothing but nothing struck fear into my childhood like that alert noise over CCO radio for Tornado warnings. GAH, and those TV bumpers. The radar echoes looked like a big claw reaching for the MSP area! I would have been 7 when this aired.

Jack: I remember that. Back then, we didn’t know where the storms were at. Today we have the internet so now we can constantly watch the weather like a hawk. (no pun intended)




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