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WCCO-TV Moore on Sunday Pilot, 1991

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WCCO-TV Moore on Sunday, The Making of a Wrestler, January 13, 1974

WCCO-TV Moore on Sunday, final original series retrospective August 26, 1979 with Dave Moore

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Moore on Sunday with Dave Moore, Dave talks to Bud Kraehling on ending his daily weather duties after 45 years

Moore on Sunday: The Enchanted Forest Ensemble performs “In Expotition to the North Pole Opus No. 8” WCCO-TV 1977

WCCO’s Moore on Sunday with Dave Moore: Prostitution and Minnesota May 3, 1975

WCCO-TV Promotions from 1979: Don Shelby and Pat Miles, Moore and Moore, Moore on Sunday

WCCO-TV “Son of Bed Time News” December 30, 1973 Dave Moore, Al Austin, Bud Kraehling

WCCO-TV Tribute to Dave Moore: Remembering Dave, January 31, 1998