Mel Jass doing a commercial live (and cracking up) on WTCN.


Tom Runestrand: I was part of White Bear Lake’1971-72 install-ment of “Highschool Highlights”on WTCN, taped at the Calhoun Beach Manor. I had made an 8mm movie called “Tin Angel”starring some pals from school and music by Joni Mitchell. I saw the prerecorded version at the first airing and have always wondered since if I”ll ever see that half-hour episode again. If you can locate it in the WTCN-KARE archives, please send me an e-mail. Thanks and I love “tcmedianow”!

Alan Freed: “1965 all-channel portable” TV.

(Hey, I want a copy of that Music For Half-Assed Friends album!)

Kris J: Mel Jass=Cowbell…TC Media Now needs more cowbell.

Carolyn Jass: Hey, it was great to see Uncle Mel on this clip. It was pretty funny. It seems like most of his stuff wasn’t tapped. I was surprised to see similarities in my brothers mannerisms and speech.

Bob Radermecher: Beautiful,classic Jass.Grew up watching wtcn,1950s and 60s.Whats your hubby do for a living.

Bloomington Resident: I served Mel White Castles on hwy 7 , around 1979– he pulled in in his Mercedes drunk as hell!

Dan Emerson: Mel’s voice sounds different here than I remembered it on matinee movie.
Mel was a big Muntz guy and this is an amazing TV offer.

John John: Ya, sure, youbetcha….. Dees Minnesotans sure have a tickle bone, for sure. Dat was for sure a knee slapper………

NealDeJesus: RIP Mel Jass




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