WCCO 6pm Report from December 6, 1983

WCCO’s 6pm Report from December 6, 1983 with Dave Moore, Pat Miles, Mike Fairbourne, and Ralph Jon Fritz. The current WCCO studio on 11th and Nicollet was less than a year old in 1983, notice that the news set is in the news room with monitors, flashing banners, and a full crew of WCCO news employees gathering information. I lost track of the number of sets that they go through in a half hour, sometimes the anchors are sitting together, other times they are talking in separate studios.
Some of the timely stories in this edition: Minneapolis property taxes, Christmas charitable giving, The Vikings, cold weather, and of course adult book stores.
Video Courtesy of Brian Klier
Credit: Brian Klier


Tim : I like th WCCO Radio commercial that breaks into the weather, that is a classic commercial with Cannon at the end. Great Site!!!



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