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Twins 1991 World Series Game 5 Coverage WCCO-TV 10pm News

1991, 1991 World Series, Cindy Hilger, Colleen Needles, Don Shelby, Mark Rosen

PM Magazine, Final Edition 1985, WCCO-TV

Pat Brown, Peggy the Cab Driver, PM Magazine, Steve Doyle, WCCO, WCCO-TV

Twins ACLS Game 1 coverage, full news WCCO October 8, 1991 10pm

1991, 1991 World Series, ACLS, Amy Marsalis, Colleen Needles, Dan Gladden

WCCO-TV 10pm November 8, 1992

1275 St. Clair, 1992, Amy Marsalis, Brad Goode, CarX, D'Italiano Bread

WCCO-TV 5pm Report, March 22, 1985

1985, Al Simmons, Ann Ahlquist, Bud Kraehling, Burlington Coat Factory, Colleen Needles

WCCO-TV The All New Bedtime Nooze, 1975

1975, Bill Carlson, Dave Moore, WCCO

WCCO-TV 6pm Report first from New Studio September 13, 1983

1983, Abbot Northwestern Hospital, Alan Cox, American Hoist, Dave Moore, Dr. Larry Kutner

WCCO-TV Report on The Minnesota Twins meeting Ronald Reagan at the White House October 1987

1987 Minnesota Twins, Cindy Hilger, Mike Walcher, Minnesota Twins, October 1987, Ronald Reagan

WCCO-TV (and CBS) coverage of the 1984 Election November 6, 1984 Part 2

1984, 1984 Election, Alan Cox, Cadillac, CBS, Dave Moore

WCCO-TV 10pm Report August 30, 1987

1987 Minnesota Twins, Amoco, Ava Thompson, Best Buy, Bethel College, Chevorlet

WCCO-TV Weekend Report August 30, 1987

1980s, 1987, 5:30 PM, August, Ava Thompson, commercials

WCCO-TV State Fair Live 1985 Special with Bill Carlson

1980s, 1985, 7:00 PM, August, Bill Carlson, Documentary

WCCO-TV Coverage of the 1982 DFL Convention

10:00 PM, 1980s, 1982, Alan Cox, Dave Moore, Debbie Ely

WCCO-TV Coverage of the 1982 Election Hour 6

10:00 PM, 1980s, 1982, commercials, Dave Durenberger, Dave Moore

WCCO-TV Coverage of the 1982 Election Hour 7

11:00 PM, 1980s, 1982, Alan Cox, Ann Rubenstein, commercials

WCCO-TV Debate 1978 Wendell Anderson, Rudy Boschwitz

1970s, 1978, 8:00 PM, Fall, Helene Borg, Karen Boros