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KMSP Prime Time News, January 10, 1991

1991, Arne Carlson, Bob Dole, Chi-Chi's, Dave Thune, Douglas Felton

KMSP-TV Reel to Reel “North Stars” with Steve Doyle, March 1979

1970s, 1979, 8:00 PM, KMSP, March, sports

KMSP-TV Boyett and Bremen Promotion, Can two guys make it after all? 1974

12:00 AM, 1970s, 1974, Ben Boyett, IDS Tower, January

KMSP’s “Bowlerama” from 1986 hosted by Johnny Canton #2

12:00 AM, 1980s, 1986, Bowlerama, January, Johnny Canton

KMSP-TV Prime Time News October 13, 1987 Rod Grams, Heather Harden

1980s, 1987, 1987 Minnesota Twins, 9:00 PM, Benadryl, Bob Lutz

KMSP-TV Report on July 23, 1987 Super Storm Floods

1980s, 1987, 1987 Super STorm, 9:00 PM, Heather Harden, July

KMSP-TV Report on Radio at Riverfest, July 1988

1980s, 1988, 9:00 PM, Heather Harden, July, Kevin Burns

KMSP-TV Day at the Fair with Ernie Martz #2, 1987

1980s, 1987, 2:00 PM, August, Day at the Fair, Ernie Martz

KMSP-TV Day at the Fair with Ernie Martz

1980s, 1987, 2:00 PM, August, Brown Institute, Day at the Fair

KMSP’s Ernie Martz with the weather 1979

12:00 AM, 1970, 1970s, KMSP, KMSP 1970s, Spring

KMSP Schmidt Beer “Let Good Times Roll Winner of the Week Awards Show” commercials Ernie Martz December 1980

1980, 1980s, commercials, December, Ernie Martz, KMSP

KMSP-TV Prime Time News Opening with Rod Grams and commercials, 1984

1980s, 1984, 9:00 PM, commercials, January, KMSP

KMSP-TV News final segment and commercials from 1979

10:30 PM, 1970s, 1979, Cicely Hand, commercials, KMSP

KMSP-TV Prime Time News (Local and Independent News Network) June 11, 1981 Jeff Baillon

1981, Anacin, City Center, Eastern Airlines, Frank's, Jeff Baillon

KMSP Prime Time News from February 11, 1986 with Rod Grams and Heather Harden

1980s, 1986, 9:00 PM, February, Heather Harden, Joe Dandrea

KMSP commercials and news bump from 1975

1975, Ben Boyett, commercials, KMSP, news, Phil Bremen