Jeff Passolt

KARE-TV News 11 at 5 Twins win the American League Pennant October 12, 1987

KARE-TV News11 at 10 from December 30, 1988 Joan Steffend, Kevin MacDowell, Tom Ryther and Paul Douglas

WTCN-TV (KARE): Report on Vikings game in London August 7, 1983 with Jeff Passolt, Tom Ryther

KARE-TV: The Wade Wilson Show with Jeff Passolt at Joe Sensor’s Grill

WTCN-TV 1985: Jeff Passolt’s “Thank Goodness it’s Sports”

WTCN (KARE) 1985: Jeff Passolt interviewing Bud Grant

WTCN (KARE) 1984: Jeff Passolt feature on the life of Calvin Griffith

KARE News11 at 5 from December 8, 1986 Paul Magers, Kirsten Lindquist, Paul Douglas, and Jeff Passolt

WTCN-TV (now KARE) News11 first 5pm edition Paul Magers, Kirstin Lindquist, Paul Douglas, and Jeff Passolt June 10, 1985 Full broadcast

Cora-Ann Mihalik’s last WTCN newscast, December 1983

The Metrodome’s “Glory” Days WUSA (now KARE) coverage of the 1985 MLB All Star Game at the Metrodome, July 16, 1985

KARE 11 News (WTCN/WUSA) 10pm News March 1993

KARE News11 6pm from October 20, 1987 Twins World Series Game 3