KARE-TV 10pm News February 16, 1991 Paul Magers, Diana Pierce, Ken Barlow, Tom Ryther

KSTP-TV Good Company December 8, 1982 Bob Bruce June Lindsay

KSTP-TV Twin Cities Live Numerologist Jean Simpson and Hand Writing analyst Ruth Holmes

WCCO’s Walt Disney World Christmas Special, November 1987

KSTP-TV Good Company October 22, 1982: Dennis Feltgen Family, Barry Manilow, Jeff Cesario

Sports Friday with Stretch and Z (Best of Demo) Mike Gelfand, Mark Zelenovich

KSTP-TV Twin Cities Live “Moms” May 9, 1986 Louie Anderson, Gary Lumpkin, Ruth Spencer, and host Gene Rump with their Moms

WCCO-TV Newsday Final broadcast July 29, 1988

WCCO-TV 5pm Report September 14, 1988 Don Shelby, Colleen Needles, Bud Kraehling

KSTP-TV Good Company September 6, 1986 Gary Lumpkin and Lindsay Strand

KSTP-TV 10 o’clock Report December 6, 1968, John MacDougall

Newsday: St. Paul Police Chief William McCutcheon controversy and repeat of Waler Mondale and Jimmy Carter reunion

KARE-TV News11 at 10 from December 30, 1988 Joan Steffend, Kevin MacDowell, Tom Ryther and Paul Douglas

KARE-TV (WUSA-TV) Sunrise November 29, 1985 Kevin MacDowell, Andria Shaine, Barry Finn, Steve Carroll

WCCO-TV: On the Move – A Salute to the Past September 12, 1983

KSTP’s Good Company: February 28, 1985 Steve Edelman and Neil Murray