Paul Douglas on ABC News Nightline February 1983

KSTP’s Good Company April 21, 1983 Bob Bruce and Gary Lumpkin with guests Tom Petty

KSTP Eyewitness News Weather Specialists 1983

KSTP Eyewitness News Promotion: The News Specialists

WCCO 6pm Report from December 6, 1983

WCCO 10pm Report from December 6, 1983 Dave Moore, Pat Miles, Skip Loescher Mike Fairbourne, Mark Rosen

KSTP’s Good Company: News Anchors and their children (1983) Cyndy Brucato (and Brooks), Dennis Feltgen (and Darryl), Bob Bruce (and Scott)

Don Shelby and the I-Team investigate…… a child’s savings account! (1983)

KSTP-TV “We’re the Team!” 1983 promotion (the football at the park one)

KSTP’s Good Company: Behind the Scenes at KSTP Weather September 9, 1983