WCCO-TV Born Again Bedtime Nooz, January 1, 1978 Dave Moore, Al Austin

WCCO-TV: From Belfast with Love, Moore on Sunday 1974

WCCO-TV: The Wonderful World of a Four Year Old, December 1974

WCCO-TV Mike Walcher Anchor Demo 1978

WCCO-TV Coverage of the 1978 DFL Convention

KTCA-TV Sign Off 1983

WCCO-TV Report on Princess Grace at the Guthrie Theatre reported by Mike Walcher, 1978

KARE-TV: A Pat Miles Special, Roseanne and Tom Arnold, Mike Lynn, Eleanaor Mondale November 1990

Donahue from the Twin Cities, September 1978

KSTP-TV: Dr Walt Lyons selected forecasts 1976-1977

KSTP-TV World Today at Noon with John Evans Promotion 1971

WCCO-TV 5pm Report October 29, 1979 Strike broadcast, Skip Loescher, Ron Handberg, Dan Carlson, Dave Habisch

WCCO-TV Midday and coverage of Hubert Humphrey’s funeral January 16, 1978

WTCN Mel Jass Commercial

KSTP: Pilot for Old Time Jamobree hosted by Roy Finden 1968

Robb Leer’s audition for KSTP 1978