12:00 AM

The Facts as We Know Them…David Carr, Eric Eskola, Brian Lambert, Nick Coleman October 12, 1984

KSTP-TV Eyewitness News September 30, 1989 Stan Turner, Kirstin Lindquist

KMSP-TV Boyett and Bremen Promotion, Can two guys make it after all? 1974

KMSP’s “Bowlerama” from 1986 hosted by Johnny Canton #2

KARE-TV Pat Miles Special Tammy Faye Bakker, Irwin Jacobs, David Wheaton

WCCO-TV: The Wonderful World of a Four Year Old, December 1967

Pace TV Commercial – “Get a Rope!”

KTCA-TV Sign Off 1983

KARE-TV: A Pat Miles Special, Roseanne and Tom Arnold, Mike Lynn, Eleanaor Mondale November 1990

KARE-TV: Bernie Grace on changes in Poland 1989

WTCN-TV (now KARE) On set interview with Dave Unzicker on leaving Poland during marhsall law, Bernie Grace feature on people of Poland

KSTP-TV: Dr Walt Lyons selected forecasts 1976-1977

Gary Lumpkin tries stand up with Louie Anderson in 1983

WTCN-TV 1985: Jeff Passolt’s “Thank Goodness it’s Sports”

WTCN Mel Jass Commercial

KSTP: Pilot for Old Time Jamobree hosted by Roy Finden 1968