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Twins World Series 1991 Game 6 Coverage Full News October 26, 1991

1991 World Series, Amy Marsalis, Colleen Needles, Don Shelby, Esme Murphy, Kirby Puckett

PM Magazine, Final Edition 1985, WCCO-TV

Pat Brown, Peggy the Cab Driver, PM Magazine, Steve Doyle, WCCO, WCCO-TV

KSTP-TV Good Company Bob Bruce and June Lindsay host, December ?, 1982

Bob Bruce, Diet Dr. Pepper, Dr. William Steele, Good Company, Jerry Stebbins, June Lindsay

Twins 1991 World Series Game 1 Post coverage October 18, 1991 WCCO-TV, full news

1991 World Series, Amy Marsalis, Cindy Hilger, Colleen Needles, Don Shelby, Metrodome

Christopher Reeve interviewed with Bill Carlson in 1987 on Superman IV

Twins ALCS Pre-Game Coverage of Game 1 October 8, 1991

1991, Colleen Needles, Dave Moore, Dick Stockton, Don Shelby, Lesley Visser

Twins ACLS Game 1 coverage, full news WCCO October 8, 1991 10pm

1991, 1991 World Series, ACLS, Amy Marsalis, Colleen Needles, Dan Gladden

Tom Petty interviewed by Gary Lumpkin on KSTP Good Company in 1983

Gary Lumpkin, Good Company, KSTP, Tom Petty

LaBelle’s 1982 Commercial Kodak Disc

Kodak, Kodak Disc, LaBelle's

KSTP March 3, 1988 Morning

1988, Bob Bruce, Foreman and Clark, Jeanette Harvey, Kevyn Burger, Levitz

KSTP-TV, Eyewitness News 5:30pm, September 12, 1993

1993, 1993 Mayoral Debate, Andy Dawkins, Arby's, Arctic Cat, Barbara Carlson

KSTP-TV 6pm, February 10, 1990

1990, Best Buy, Dominos Pizza, February 10, Honeywell, James Ingram

KSTP-TV 10pm, November 23, 1985

Amtrack, Angela Astore, Armitron, Black and Decker, Bold, Caroline by Northwestern Bell

KSTP-TV Good Company, Gary Lumpkin September 23, 1982

Adrienne Arpel, Angela Shelley, Carlton Celebrity Room, Darrin Nelson, Engelbert Humperdinck, Gary Lumpkin

KMSP-TV Prime Time News, 9pm November 29, 1986

Betty Crocker, Bob Silcox, Donnagel, Ernie Martz, Fritzie Borgwardt, Fuji

St. Paul Winter Carnival Parade 1989 with Steve Kanaly, WCCO Coverage

1989, Adam Hanneman, Beth Kidd, Bill Carlson, Bud Kraehling, Caroline Lowe