Twenty years ago Bud Kraehling stepped down from providing daily weather forecasts after 45 years at WCCO-TV. In this rare interview with Dave Moore on “Moore on Sunday’ Dave and Bud reminisce on the early days of WCCO and show a clip from the famous Bedtime Nooz.The full Moore on Sunday is provided in this clip, prior to the Kraehling interview Dave talks about the Midwest Federal sentencing and Indian Nicknames among other topics. If you are looking to go straight to Dave and Bud, scroll to 13:50

Credit: Bud Kraehling


Jeff Lonto: I used to watch this on Sunday mornings. The last vestage of semi-intelligent local TV news.

Dontryl Alexander: I love that Moore on Sunday theme music, any idea who composed it?

dana bellefeuille: that ws a awesome show,, those guys were jus soo special,, i knew bud and he was a really really nice guy, he came to the gas station i worked at in st louis park.




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