From January 1st 1980, KSTP’s first weather broadcast from 1980 includes a retrospective on Twin Cities weather in the 1970s. Dennis Feltgen hosts and narrates the look back at 1970s weather and provides the regular forecast for the night.


Dennis Feltgen: This decade-wrap package could have really used some added visuals such as numerical displays and a few charts…but that was nearly impossible to come by when I put this together awhen 1979 came to a close. Computer graphics were in their infancy. It was all press-type lettering and pre-produced slides then. The video, mostly film, is something to see though, and a tribute to KSTP’s superb film morgue.
As for that weathercast, it is an excellent example of taking the viewer through the process: here is what is going on now, here is how it will change and why, and here is how it will impact you. Very few weathercasts today have an actual weather map in it. It’s just temperature displays, satellite, radar and a computer annimation of forecast clouds. I think the viewer misses out.
Of course, neither Cyndy or I were on Twin Cities TV as the decade of the ’80s came to close, so that prediction did not verify.
– Dennis Feltgen




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