Masters of the Universe (He-Man and Skeletor), Van Halen, Madonna, and other dangers in your child’s toy box is debated in this episode of Twin Cities Live from August of 1986 broadcast at the Minnesota State Fair and hosted by Bob Bruce. Evangelist Phil Phillips explains his philosophy on 1980s culture leading our kids to the occult.


BKGrila: So the Smurfs, Care Bears, My Little Pony, He-Man, Mighty Mouse, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Rainbow Bright were all occult-based. That explains my generation.

annif: I’m more worried about the perils of inbreeding that produced Phil Phillips.

Dennis: Good Lord…how did this guy not get laughed off the air?

Jim: Any chance for a reunion at this year’s fair?

Bill Lindsey and Impaler are still around:

No word on Evangelist Phil Phillips — he hasn’t published in awhile:

Jim: See an Impaler music video from 1983 here:

And a 1986 live performance here:

Steve Peters: The Peters Brothers are still around, still serving Jesus!




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