Bud Kraehling provided weather forecasts at WCCO-TV for almost fifty years. Starting at the station in 1946, Bud did everything from weather to announcing, hosting parade coverage, to anything else that came up in the golden days of TV. Famously paired with Dave Moore for almost thirty years, Bud was known for his dry wit and distinct voice. In this extended interview, Bud discusses the early days of WCCO, working with Dave Moore, the changes in TV, salaries, and life after 50 years of television. A proud 94 year old (Bud provided this interview on his birthday), Bud is still performing his live show with is wife Shirley “The Weatherman and the Singing Lade” across town, volunteering, and traveling.
At 94 it doesn’t look like Bud is slowing down yet.
Photography by Danny Henry, recorded at the Museum of Broadcasting, St. Louis Park


gc5341: What a great joy to land this interview. Bud is such an icon of Twin Cities television and what a great blessing that he has lived such a long time and looks to be in good health!

tjmm: There was no nicer man in broadcasting than Bud. He worked hard to present the weather and did it like he was the guy next door. His presentation on-air was flawless. His banter with the anchors was pleasant,fun,and natural. When a meteorologist was brought in, Bud still stood out as a better on-air talent. I worked with him and he always said hello to his coworkers and had a big smile on his face. I used to call him the dancing weatherman. He would loosen-up in front of the green screen by dancing and preparing to present the weather. A great man who even Dave Moore respected and felt was better than any meteorologist WCCO ever had on staff. Thanks for this interview. I hope Bud has many more years and continues active. He is and will always be a Twin Cities legend.

Curt Lundgren: Bud you look and sound great! Blessings to both you and Shirley! Thanks to TCMN and the Pavek for preserving our history.

Deborah Ely-Lawrence: What a great interview! Bud is still sharp as a tack, but also gentle as a lamb. What a treasure!

Leo Anger: Mr. Kraehling your a legend and a great man. Thanks.

Mike Linn: Thanks Pavek Museum for what you do and thank YOU, Bud. We are so lucky to have been born and raised around WCCO!

Cindy: I remember when he came to my school and talked to us still can remember his adventures he told us about never forgot it!

Mick Miller: A truly humble gentleman. I had the very great privilege to meet Bud on a few occasions at the History Center. He’s the kind of a guy you’d want for a friend and neighbor.

selena rose roberts: I met Dave Moore and got his Autograph..
I loved that guy.. still have it..

Bill Erickson: We lived aT 3324 Aquila lane Bud lived on 34th and I front of our home was at and Bud lived across the street from us. My memories of Bud are that he was so friendly and always had the big smile on his face. He will be missed. The interview on Buds 94th was tremendous and Bud has left a great legacy for future newscasters. FAREWELL BUD AND SMOOTH SAILING INTO THE BLUE SKIES? And they I know will have a lilltle more sunshine in them.

Tom Garrison: For those interested in an early history of TV in the Twin Cities, see the MinnPost story by Susan Marks titled: The early history of television in Minnesota includes a lot of names that are familiar today




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