WCCO-TV 10pm November 10, 1992

1992, Alan Cox, Colleen Needles, Dan Quinn, Dick Whitbeck, Don Shelby

WCCO-TV 10pm Report September 26, 1988

1988, Alan Cox, Betsy Troyer, Brooklyn Center, Coon Rapids, David Thomas

KMSP Prime Time News, July 19, 1991

1991, Best Buy, BizMart, Buick, Embers, FirstStar

WUSA (KARE) All Star Eve, MLB All Star Game at the Metrodome! July 15, 1985

All Star Game, Andria Shaine, Dale Schornack, Diana Pierce, Jeff Passolt, Joan Steffend

KSTP-TV 5pm June 17, 1994 OJ charged and runs

1994, Allen Quist, Chi-Chi's, Dave Dahl, Denny's, Dodge

KARE July 24, 1987 Day after coverage of Super Storm, 11:30am

1987, Allen Costantini, Amy Powell, Carolyn Marinan, Chuck Anderson, Dave Fisher

WCCO-TV 6pm Report, September 12, 1983

Alan Cox, Amfac Hotel, Barb Braun, Bill Mahoney, Bud Kraehling, City Center

WCCO-TV 10pm Report December 3, 1984

1984, Alan Cox, Andy Greenspan, Argosy Electronics, Breck School, Carolyn Koester

KMSP Prime Time News, January 10, 1991

1991, Arne Carlson, Bob Dole, Chi-Chi's, Dave Thune, Douglas Felton

WCCO-TV Weekend Report January 15, 1989 (5:30pm)

Caroline Lowe, Charlie Newcomb, Cindy Hilger, Clem Haskins, Daryl Savage, Dave Winfield

WCCO-TV 10pm March 10, 2002

2002, Arby's, Don Shelby, Embers, Jeff Ethan, John Reger

Jeff Passolt with Paul Molitor and Bob Costas in 1987!

1987, ALCS, Bob Costas, Jeff Passolt, NBC, Paul Molitor

WTCN (KARE) 10pm News, April 1, 1985

April 1, Bernie Grace, Cities 97, Dale Schornack, David Jennings, Diana Pierce

WCCO-TV 6pm Report, November 30, 1984

1984, Alan Cox, Archie Manning, Burlington Coat Factory, Coast to Coast, Dave Durenberger

KARE-TV 10pm News, July 8, 1989

1989, Amy Powell, Dennis Feltgen, July 8, July 8 1989, KARE

WCCO-TV 5pm Report, September 19, 1984

1984, Andy Greenspan, Bud Kraehling, CarX, Citibank, Colleen Needles