PM Magazine, Live DJ Video Party, 1984 WCCO-TV

1984, Bob Berglund, Chuck Knapp, Donuts, John Hines, John Michaels

WCCO-TV 10pm News Post Game Super Bowl Coverage January 26, 1992

1992 Super Bowl, 1992 Winter Carnival, Amy Marsalis, Crystal Sugar, Don Shelby, Ice Palace

KSTP-TV 10pm Coverage of 1992 Super Bowl January 26, 1992

1992, 1992 Super Bowl, Andy Rooney, Carl Eller, Chris Farley, Dennis Green

WCCO’s 1992 Super Bowl XXVI Pre-Game Special from the Metrodome

1992, Alan Cox, Brad Goode, Cindy Hilger, Don Shelby, Mark Rosen

Super Bowl Saturday Night, WCCO January 25, 1992

1992 Super Bowl, Amy Marsa, Brad Goode, Cindy Hilger, Crystal Court, Daryl Savage

WCCO Final Bud Grant Show, January 29, 1984

Bud Grant, Les Steckel, Mark Rosen, WCCO, WCCO-TV

WCCO-TV 5pm Report October 11, 1988

Al Austin, Arby's, Bill Carlson, Bud Kraehling, California Raisins, Chanhassen Dinner Theater

KSTP-TV January 23, 1992, 5pm

1992 Super Bowl, Arne Carlson, Art Barron, Curman Gaines, Dave Dahl, Don's Appliance

Mark Hamill interviewed by WCCO’s Bill Carlson, 1977

1977, Bill Carlson, Mark Hamill, Star Wars, WCCO, WCCO-TV

1992 St. Paul Winter Carnival Ice Palace Lighting, KARE Coverage

1992, Asha Blake, Carl Sandburg, Chase, Deborah Horst, Diana Pierce

Live with Regis and Kathie Lee from Minneapolis, January 23, 1992

Bill Rust, Brad Maule, Brownberry, Chelsea Noble, Dairy Queen, Don's Appliance

CBS This Morning, profile of St. Paul Winter Carnival and Super Bowl, 1992

1992 Super Bowl, Bill Carlson, CBS This Morning, Harry Smith, Ice Palace, Paula Zahn

Guthrie Theatre “Miracle in Minnesota”, 1963 Program on building of the Guthrie

1963, Guthrie, Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis, Miracle in Minnesota

KSTP-TV The Bud Grant Show, September 12, 1982

WCCO-TV “Grunts Little War” Vietnam War Documentary on Minnesota soldiers, 1969

Al Austin, Vietnam, WCCO

WCCO-TV Ahmad Rashad Mark Rosen NFL Report September 12, 1982